Ring ~ Anello "Matrix"

★ 925 Silver & Zirkonia pavè. ★ Argento 925 & Pavè di Zirkonie .

Pendant ~ Pendente "Goldtropfen"

★ 925 Silver & Gold droplets 18 Kt & Gem on demand. ★ Argento 925 & Goccie in oro 18 Kt & Gemma a scelta.

Pendant ~ Pendente "PerlenBlüte"

★ 925 Silver & Freshwater Pearl. ★ Argento 925 & Perla d'acqua dolce.    

Pendant ~ Pendente "Engel"

Silver pendant realized from the drawings of Andrea Maria Gaus. Limited edition of 111 pieces with personalized engrawing on the back. ★ 925 Silver & gold plated parts. Dimensions ca.: 32H X 27L x 7,5D mm   Pendente in argento ideato da Andrea Maria Gaus. Edizione limitata a 111...

Earrings ~ Orecchini "Sfere"

★ 925 Silver & Onyx orbs. Also in black Onyx and Freshwater Pearl. Dimensions ca.: 30H x 12L x 15D mm   ★ Argento 925 & sfere in onice. Anche disponibile con sfera di onice e perla d'acqua dolce. Dimensioni ca.: 30H x 12L x 15P mm  

Bracelet ~ Bracciale "Sfere"

This bracelet (extendable to a necklace) has the option to be disassembled into its individual elements to be reassembled in the desired length and color succession. The Onyx orbs are pushed into the silver "flowes" where they remain trapped but free to rotate. The bracelet can be extended to...

Ring ~ Anello "Organic"

This ring is available in different combinations of gems. The drop shaped stone can be a citrine quartz, an amethyst or a blue topaz. The small one generally is a citrine quartz, an amethyst, a blue topaz, a garnet or an apatite. On request and in case of disponibility I can set also other stones...